Vintage Engagement Rings

Browse through our wide selection of vintage engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings that our professional staff has carefully hand-picked to fit the elegance and choice of women. You know that the rings on display here are a treasured possession and they come at different prices to suit your budget. The designs of these rings accentuate the beauty of the precious stones such as diamonds. The rings are created in precious metals like yellow or white gold, platinum and silver. Take advantage of the low prices offered and you will cherish this investment for many years to come.

Things change with time usually for the better and vintage engagement rings top the list of the gift that is worthy of your eternal love. Vintage rings encompass timeless beauty and state-of-the-art craftsmanship and are created with the highest jewelry standards. The stones are clear and damage-free and the clasps holding the stones are strong enough to sustain everyday wear.

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Vintage 14K White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Fine Bridal Jewelry
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Vintage Transitional Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Solid 14K White Gold Fine
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Vintage White Gold Diamond Illusion Engagement Ring Fine Estate Bridal Jewelry
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Vintage 925 Sterling Silver CHARM Pendant GEM SET ENGAGEMENT RING 06g d886
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Care for diamonds

Once you purchase vintage jewelry you will want to either have it cleaned yourself, depending on the type of jewelry you buy, or by a professional so that the quality and beauty of the stones return to its original form.

When it comes to diamonds, you can clean it with very mild toothpaste using a very small toothbrush, while avoiding to touch the metal which can be cleaned separately with a polishing cloth sold a jewelry stores. This type of maintenance is easy and will ensure that your vintage jewelry remains the most precious of your possessions.